Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Immigration law governs issues including who may enter the United States, how long an individual may stay for, the right to work in the United States and more. There are three federal agencies which govern and enforce immigration laws. These include Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Immigration and customs Enforcement (ICE), and Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Areas of Immigration Law

There are a number of different areas within immigration law. Some of the most common immigration topics include:

  • Applying for U.S. citizenship
  • Obtaining a green card
  • Student visas
  • Work visas
  • Asylum
  • Deportation

Help With Immigration

Many individuals need help with immigration, since it can be difficult dealing with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. There are often many required forms which may be difficult and confusing to fill out.

A mistake on an immigration document may create serious delays, denial, or even deportation. For this reason, many individuals choose to enlist the help of an experienced immigration attorney when dealing with these issues.

When to Hire an Immigration Lawyer

Not everyone may need the help of an immigration attorney, but some individuals may benefit tremendously. Individuals may consider hiring an attorney if they are experiencing one or more of the following issues:

  • A visa application is seriously delayed or denied
  • It is difficult to understand the required paperwork
  • You or a family member has been deemed inadmissible by USCIS
  • You are unsure which visa to apply for

Contact an Immigration Lawyer

If you need help with an immigration issue, contact an immigration lawyer with Volks Anwalt today. We offer free case evaluations to determine how we may assist with your immigration issue.

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